Lesley McGillicuddy

The industry boasts a long tradition of husband-and-wife photographic teams, 
and without question Lesley has been the backbone of the McGillicuddy business.

A photographer in her own right, she is 
also a professional framer and mounter and has just become a world wide ambassador for Permajet . She has personally printed ,mounted & framed the successful competition winning & qualification gaining panels for a large number of professional photographers from all over the world .


Heulwyn Roberts

Originally coming to our attention as an MMoS Delegate, Heulwyn quickly demonstrated her passion for Photography. It is her desire to learn and pass that knowledge on to others that distinguishes Heulwyn from the crowd and with her background in accounting, event management and computing she brings a fresh perspective to the team.

She describes herself as a rock chick, a biker and a photographer, often combining those passions with her love of travel, all of which gives her a style all of her own.


Lilly Von Pink

Here at McGillicuddy & Associates we have a great team. Which includes Lilly Von Pink our Studio Makeup Artist, Stylist and costume designer and can also put her hand to modelling as well.


Rhi is our studio model and also assists Lilly . Together they make a fantastic asset team.