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Honoured, humbled and quite frankly lost for words

By lesley | Jun 14, 2018

  I’m not often rendered speechless and if I’m honest I nearly shed a tear; I was most certainly both honoured and humbled. Last night I was asked to give a talk on behalf of the Master Photographers Association as the North West region of the MPA was having a relaunch. I was delighted to…

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Yep, I was wrong!

By lesley | May 23, 2018

I’ve never really liked the taste of humble pie (who does?), but I’m happy to eat a large slice today and say… “Yep! I was wrong!”. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG fan of Elinchrom equipment and have to disclose I’m one of those pesky ambassadors, however I’ve built my career on calling…

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Picture Makers

By lesley | May 23, 2018

Every time I sit down to write for the magazine I have two goals.  Firstly I’d like to think I make the read at least enjoyable and secondly, and probably far more importantly I’d like to me it useful to you… maybe even educational. There is no getting away from the fact our cameras, whichever…

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They say you should never meet your hero’s

By lesley | Apr 27, 2018

I can imagine in some quarters that is pretty good advice.  In my own experience all I can say is that it was a delight! Back at the end of the 80’s when perms and shoulder pads ruled, believe it or not I was quite shy and retiring.  I had left art school under mutual…

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We work with what we have

By lesley | Apr 19, 2018

I must sound like a broken record sometimes… “skills to pay the bills”, “keep on with your CPD”, truth is the reason I keep banging on and on is this stuff is just IMPORTANT. Ask yourself are you just a “Shutter monkey” or are you reeaaally in full control? Only you know the real answer…

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That’s all folks !!

By lesley | Mar 23, 2018

Well that’s it four days of high intensity, workshops, presenting, demoing, chatting and being fully immersed in the world of photography… The Photography Show 2018 is over for another year. I had a FANTASTIC time sharing my bit of photographic knowledge with everybody. My first show was about the “One light studio” and demoed what…

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There’s STILL life in the old dog yet

By lesley | Dec 7, 2017

As I get older I sometimes wonder are my spectacles always a little rose tinted? Was I really, stronger, faster. Slimmer… was I better at my craft, more seasoned and trained blah, blah blah. You see, ten years ago I retired from the competitive photographic competitions as I new I was to become a Chairman…

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Thank you to Wilkinsons Digital Splash for having us

By lesley | Oct 9, 2017

After a FAB weekend at digital splash meeting old friends and new I thought it only proper to say a huge BIG thank you to both Wilkinson Cameras for requesting me, OlympusUK for letting me out of the cage and Elinchrom LTD for supplying my favourite lights… but most of all a HUGE thank you…

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First look at the Elinchrom ELB1200

By lesley | Aug 19, 2017

Well its world photography day again, a day for sharing all things photographic and enjoying the the sense of belonging that brings. As an Elinchrom ambassador I recently got to test shoot with the new ELB 1200.  Whilst I had it with me I did a quick Vlog about its cool features in a hastily…

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  1. Barbara Green on November 5, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    My experience at the Speedlite 101 course on Friday was hugely beneficial, teaching me to have confidence in using flash on and off camera, in the friendly, encouraging atmosphere Damian creates. I’ve been inspired to make progress in my photography, a really successful outcome. Many thanks indeed!

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