Commitment or Committed?

Wow!!! Its really tempus fugit at Team McGillicuddy at the moment we are very, very busy, so I appologise for the slight delay in the journal update, onwards and upwards eh!

A week yesterday we had a FAB “Mini Lights – Maximum Effect” workshop in Manchester… In the absolute pouring rain :0(

I risked man flu for the delegates… why? Very simply if it were a wedding or a big commercial production there wouldn’t have been an option to quit, best possible results no matter how bad the situation or conditions, the reality of being a professional!

Whats more a very strange thing happened… because the situation wasn’t ideal something “Extra” turned on in the old brain department and I began to push myself a little harder and unbelievably began to enjoy the challenge even more than normal!

So below you’ll find a few samples from the day, I’m sure my enjoyment will be evident in the images. At Team McGillicuddy we are 100% committed to making our workshop delegates better photographers, come join us and find out.

You can see what workshops are available in the immediate future by “Clicking” HERE!

I’d love to make your acquaintance on the next one.






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