De-jet-lagged and back in the game…

Oh it’s been a busy few weeks to say the very least… new son arrived, business meetings at WPPI and shooting for clients on the strip… phew!!!

I was genuinely surprised how much the jet-lag effected me this time, back and to the Sates of the United Americas in my comfy lay back bed / seat normally doesn’t effect me, hey ho must be getting old!

I worked with some FAB Americainians but I just can’t wait to show you the images created of the FANTASTIC Asia Mucho Mas, she is really top dollar and on my “Recommended to work with list”. We’ll see if we can get her over to the UK at some point. I’m kind of guessing that my “Vegas specials” will be the first thing posted in the new (soon to be finished) FREE members area – watch this space ;0)

Lets not forget though I’m just a photographer and as such I like shooting and showing my work…. ….so posted below is an image of the amazingly & highly classy Anita De Bauch, TOP UK totty ;0) – that statement is made in a non-sexist, non-derogatory manor, just meant to make Anita smile ;0)

This image was shot at the Beer with the BIG Dog event held during the resent SWPP International convention in London. It was shot live with about 90 “Friends of the Dawg” in attendance to watch, learn and try. Its a simple three light set up. I’m happy to share the how and why if enough people request the info… don’t forget its FREE!

Talking of training I’m just putting the finishing touches on my next “Polish your portfolio” event. This one is being held at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester on Sunday April 18th and is called “From Bathrobe to Bridal Gown”, and is centred on bridal boudoir and the prep shots.

Its a limited numbers class, with just six delegates, and will run for three hours. It will cover lighting using speedlites and the Elinchrome Ranger Quadra, and will include posing, image design & creation and location assessment, optimisation and implementation.

These seminar “Chunks” are ideal as it means we can do two sessions in the day. That means each session isn’t a bun fight or overcrowded and its comfortable for the delegates to see, ask questions and shoot images… it also means that the ticket price can be kept to a very reasonable £95.00 per delegate. As a bonus the model for our shoot will be the simply stunning Rebecca Amy.

As you can probably imagine the first slot is already SOLD OUT but there are a scant few places left at the second session, if your interested or want further details please just mail and we can take it from there.

Good to be home, GREAT to be back in the saddle




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