Education – That really is the key.

I was massively humbled yesterday when I read an online forum post by one of the guy’s on my MMoS training program. The gent in question, one Mr Matt Bridge Wilkinson, had been very brave and along with a selection of his very polished and accomplished resent works posted a link to a set of pictures he had shot (and was proud of) before he commenced on his training route with me.

I’ve got to say… even I was surprised by the massive acceleration in his ability and craft. A fact that was underlined with each and every delegates folio I chose to view. Its not till we stop, take a moment and asses our position, looking back that we can appreciate how far we have come.

I must say a hearty congratulations to Matt for making his point and opening all of our eyes to this most important of facts.

Now MMoS is my ongoing, incremental training program, it teaches not only the “how” but more importantly the “why”, its not an easy route, it takes time, effort and dedication but it will make you the best photographer you can be. If your interested in learning more email me a contact number to and I’ll arrange to have a FREE no obligation chat about MMoS with you to see if its a suitable route for you to consider.

In the meantime as education REALLY is the key why not click “HERE” to have a look at our forthcoming workshops to see what tickles your fancy and better still will build your knowledge base and improve your craft.

Right I’m off to enjoy an MMoS day with today’s group… enjoy yourself whatever your doing.




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