Honoured, humbled and quite frankly lost for words

MPA fellowship in Training


I’m not often rendered speechless and if I’m honest I nearly shed a tear; I was most certainly both honoured and humbled.

Last night I was asked to give a talk on behalf of the Master Photographers Association as the North West region of the MPA was having a relaunch.

I was delighted to accept, as for me this was somewhat synergistic and holistic. Way back in 1986 the North West region of the MPA was where I started my journey in Photography. It’s more than fair to say without this organisation I wouldn’t be were I am now and to those guys who took a sixteen year old under their wing they KNOW I’m eternally grateful.

I got my “L” at sixteen and my “A” at 18 and my first “F” with the MPA at 28. They were all key marketing points in my career – the youngest. It seemed fitting therefore to make my twelfth were I’d grown my first.

Back at ‘The Photography Show’ in March I started this journey and it’s fair to say I’ve put a load of work in just mythering Ray Lowe the MPA CEO about what I’m doing. To turn up last night, thinking I’m helping out; just paying off an old debt to my alma matar, then to be awarded my Fellowship… the FIRST ever Fellowship in photographic training, was an amazing point for me in my career. To be honest it’s up there with my Life time achievement award.

It was such a poignant and enjoyable night, made more so by the distance some people had traveled to come and hear me speak; super seasoned photographers as well. John Paris came from Scotland and the lovely Gary Hill finished a talk in Cardiff and drove straight up to listen to me, 300 plus miles, I’m so humbled. What a fantastic family the photographic industry is – thank you gentlemen

So I want to say a big BIG Dog thank you to one and all. The moral of the tale is CPD; continuous professional development, get involved and get the best education possible.

It’s my dads birthday on the 15th and I’m going to dedicate this to him, I hope another first in my industry would make him proud.

  1. Dave Shandley on June 14, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Congratulation Damian

  2. Fiona Bond on June 14, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Oh Damian, l’m so thrilled for you, well done, you are an inspiration to others, you share your knowledge willingly and give such encouragement, so talented and above all a really nice guy,

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