" Studio Lighting Workshop"

Thursday 5th October 2017 - Maximum number of delegates 10

"Learn to control light as easy as A, B, C!"

Its a simple fact: if you want to be a better photographer, you need to understand and be able to manipulate light without compromise


In no field of photography is this more true than in "people photography" where the pinpoint control of light enhances and flatters the subject, enabling us to create the illusion of three-dimensionality.

High quality photographic lighting has been something of a learning minefield for long enough. So better to help you "See the light" in a studio lighting workshop than Damian McGillicuddy - Grand Master photographer , the Principle Photographer and Educator for Olympus, and the man known for years in the photographic press as the "Lighting Wizard"


Why this photographic workshop is for you

Any photographer at any level, from novice to pro, with an understanding of shutter speeds and apertures along with core camera craft.

This studio lighting workshop will also benefit those who wish to demystify photographic lighting, and learn to see and manipulate light in the same way Damian has mastered during his 30 year career. This educational experience is for photographers who want to improve their picture taking and augment their money making.

Although Damian is Olympus Principle photographer and Trainer this workshop is a camera agnostic event, any make and model of camera is welcome. Just bring enthusiasm and willingness to learn!!

If anyone wishes to try any of the olympus equipment we will have some on hand but it is definitely not compulsory !!


What will you learn on the day

  • Learn how to "see" light
  • Learn how to choose the right modifier to realise your creative vision
  • Learn the classic loop, Rembrandt and butterly lighting patterns
  • How to light with ease but flair, using simple multi-light setups
  • Learn the "Lego Brick" lighting system used by Damian every time he shoots
  • Learn the role and application of key, fill, hair, background and seperation lights
  • Learn the inverse square law and to to truly master it
  • Learn the secrets of soft and hard light and each of their properties and uses
  • The basic properties and building blocks of light "B,C,C,D" - brightness, contrast, colour, direction
  • Learn the power of your meter and how it really is your best friend

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