Lights, Camera, Action..

Earlier this month whilst launching the OM-D at Focus on imaging in Birmingham, England the lovely chaps at Olympus filmed a short “teaser” video (eeek showing my age?) of me using the EM-5.

I’ve just watched the edit and while I realise my face is better suited for radio my ego has me thinking its quite cool… the camera is superb to work with. Once my full production models arrive I’ll sort out an in depth review and why these little beauties excite me so.

Until then please have a laugh at, or enjoy my first video!!!

here’s to “The beginning of the NEW”

the link to the video can be found by clicking here… inbedding it is beyond my skills but I’ll ask a grown up about it and get it sorted ;0)

Thanks so much to my crew… can’t do it without you, but you all know that x



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