Photography's Best Kept Secret



Known within the industry as MMOS - Mentor Me on Steroids - due to the speed and consistency at which members achieve in both photographic technique and business acumen.

How serious are you about your Continual Professional Development?

Can you measure your technical and more importantly business progress and growth over time?

Do you set targets and goals individual to you and your business?

We've been told time and time again, the support within MMOS family of members has become an invaluable tool , which not only adds to our CPD, but aids progression.

HOW? - There is almost always an MMOS member (or three) on hand via our social media group, to help and advise when the going gets tough, or we simply need to privately share our thoughts (or sometimes worries ) to achieve perspective or feedback.  This advice , by those who are working at the photographic coal face , isn't expensive, its priceless, but also given generously and freely by those who really care and have been in similar situations.

You don't have to take our word for how well the program works hear from MMOS Delegates who have benefitted over the years.

"The training I take part in and continuous professional developement mean so much to me as it builds my confidence and skills in a supportive and friendly environment". I.D Chester


"The MMOS training provides me with inspiration motivation to do better and continually develop my skills as both a photographer and a business person and provides a great community with other like minded photographers . We also have fun!". M .T. Oxford

"I've been a member of MMOS for 5 years now and although it's been hard work,  my business is thriving I've achieved recognition within the industry too, winning 2 SWPP Photographer of the Year Titles and numerous gold awards. I am proud to have worked towards and achieved my SWPP Fellowship and qualified as a photography judge too.  A Adams, Norwich

"It was only a few months into my photographic journey when I came across Damian and his MMOS Scheme. I was worried that my lack of experience in photography would her a hinderance to joining MMOS but in hindsight it was a benefit. After only 5 Mentoring Sessions the quality of my work has improved tenfold" H R Wrexham

Do you want to know how to make a success of your photography ?

We've proven it time and time again , whether its turning amateurs into award winners, weekend warriors into portrait professionals or businesses about to go bust into the businesses that are booming.

The secret isn't glamorous , it isn't a gimmick and it isn't a get rich scheme - but it works.  

The secret simply is Continous Professional Development

Whether its a structured scheme like our Mentor Me on Steroids (MMOS) program or cherrypicked workshop, the secret remains the same. We need to keep pushing everyday, in every way, to improve what we do and make it better. Not just for our personal satisfaction, but the satisfaction and benefit to our clients. 

Gone are the days when you could just push the Shutter and make a likeness, now in order to win competitions, earn qualifications or benefits financially or professionally, you have too continually strive to be better tomorrow than you are today. 

And the journey has to start NOW

As Picasso said "Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."


Our MMOS scheme offers the most decorated and successful photographic training in the industry.
in the last 8 years it has produced 16 photographers of the year, numerous Fellows, Associates and Licentiates, a highest average order of £3,995 in the last quarter, and multiple members averaging £2,500 per order.

In short whether you’re looking to improve you photography for competition, qualification, business or simply for pleasure, Mentor Me on Steroids is the most proven programme of its kind.

However, it is not easy and it is not for everyone.

For this reason we run MMOS Taster Days, which are designed for you to see it you like the way we teach and for us to see if you are the right fit for the programme. These are structured exactly the same way as a regular Mentor Me On Steroids session: the first part of the day is focused on business, the second part is devoted to photographic critique and the final part of the day is a dedicated to a hands-on practical session

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If you want your business just to be about Newborn then why not ask about our new and exciting edition MMOS Junior

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