Old, slow, barely recovered and out the door!

Hi guy’s… yes once more I’m guilty of bloggette neglect!!! Truth is the FABULOUS convention held by the SWPP recently in good old Londinium took a lot out of me! Sooooo not only is my leg giving my hassle but my beautiful though heavily pregnant wife is a little in need of extra care and attention as the arrival of Haydn draws ever closer.

Add on top the fact work is manic at the moment, I jump on board yet another plane in the morning, and its welcome to my crazy life!!!

I’ve got SOOOOOOOOOO much I want to share with you, articles, dates for gig’s, plans, achievements etc. that I promise as soon as I’m back in the office I’ll get my fingers busy on the keyboard.

In the mean time I’ll post an image of the simply scrumptious Ulorin Vex that I shot live in London at one of my super classes as a lens test for Nikon and one of the magazines I write for… hope you love it as much as I do. Simple elegance ;0)

As I’ve been tardy in my blogging I also PROMISE to do a “How it was done” write up on the image once back safely at my desk.

Keep logging in…




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