It's right just to say thank you.

So this will be a brief post, lots to do and not much time to do it in! Today is my last workshop day in Ireland and before I left I just wanted to thank a few people.

Firstly and most importantly to the delegates, I really appreciate your time and know just what a privilege for me it is that you choose to listen to me and allow me to help you develop your craft… thank you x

Then I’d like to thank the Societies for advertising it and making it all possible. I must also thank the Societies Irish representative Mr Podge Kelly – you couldn’t have been any better you have really looked after Team McGillicuddy.

I must thank both Olympus and Flaghead Photographic, the company that supplies my Quantum Qflash your light weight kit with heavy weight punch has made this one of the most straightforward and therefore enjoyable trips I can remember. The new Tamrac kit I’m testing just impresses me the more and more I use it… wonderful!

Of course I must also say thank you to a teriffic model and traveling companion… Loretta, you have been a star… thank you x

So the best way I can show my thanks… an image shot in a meeting room in Antrim… my Mum alwys said I could make something out of nothing!!! ;0)

I hope you all like it as much as I do, shoot with a McGillicuddy 36″ multi modifier and the 19″ classic McGillicuddy beauty dish… oh and the bare bulb enhancer from the McGillicuddy Portaflex kit…

You can check out the modifiers I’ve designed by clicking “HERE”.




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