"Speedlight Workshop"

Thursday 2nd November 2017 - Damian McGillicuddy new Phoenix Photographic studio Widnes

Maximum 10 delegates

"Set your speedlights free!"

The Speedlight that you probably already own is a hugely capable tool. Are you ignoring its potential? Being able to control and "bend" light to your own creative will is one of the great secrets that will help you make your photography stand apart from the crowd.

Off camera flash (OCF) can seem intimidating, but Photographic Grand Master Damian McGillicuddy will help you realise its potential and your own in this introductory speed light workshop


Why this photographic workshop is for you

Any photographer at any level , from novice to pro, with an understanding of shutter speeds and apertures along with core camera craft.

This speed light workshop will also benefit those who wish to demystify photographic lighting, it is a "must do" for any photographer looking to gain more creative control using OCF.

You will need to bring with you your own speed light and trigger if you have them.

Although Damian is Olympus Principal Photographer and Trainer this workshop is a camera agnostic event , any make and model of camera is welcome. Just bring enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!

If anyone wishes to try any of the olympus equipment we will have some on hand but it is definitely not compulsory !!


What will you learn on the day

  • Learn how to manipulate , modify and control speed lights both on and off the camera
  • Learn the knowledge that will make your speed light the most creative tool in your bag
  • Learn how to achieve professional results with off camera flash
  • Learn the secrets to expanding your creativity and control
  • Learn multiple techniques to tailor your own shooting style
  • Learn the skills and understanding to make informed creative decisions
  • Learn big light looks from these amazing little pieces of portable sunshine
  • Learn to make the most of your speed lights and become a competent strobist
  • Learn why damian believes the strobes approach is the future
  • Learn how to shape and control your speed light with inexpensive modifiers
  • Learn how to be a strobes maestro by being in total control of your speedlights in full manual mode

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Take that step in using your speed lights to their full potential