That’s all folks !!

Well that’s it four days of high intensity, workshops, presenting, demoing, chatting and being fully immersed in the world of photography… The Photography Show 2018 is over for another year.

I had a FANTASTIC time sharing my bit of photographic knowledge with everybody. My first show was about the “One light studio” and demoed what was possible with just the one light and a reflector.

I used the battery portable Elinchrom ELB 400 as my light source as I didn’t know if therefore sockets on the stage.

We shot a hard and soft light portrait. The image quality captured on my Olympus EM-1 mk2 with the 45mm f1.2 just blew me away. I used the 125cm white parabolic umbrella as my modifier for the soft shot and a grided 19cm dish for my hard shot.

This is my favourite image from the set, the beautiful Lilly Von Pink.



I must thank my friends at Manfrotto for suppling me with a 5 in 1 bottle top reflector and a grey “pop up” background.

My next trip up on the big stage was to show what was possible with on camera flash. Again I used the Olympus with the 45mm f1.2, I popped the FL900 flash on the top. That is one great flash unit bye the way. I showed the crowd the power of flash exposure compensation to drive the feeling of the image.

I used the combination of the Lastolite 5 in 1 bottle top reflector to bounce and diffuse the light but my favourite image from the set of model Rhiannon ReVamped came from a more direct method of diffusion via the Lastolite Ezy Box2.



I loved every minute of it even though it was hard work . I wasn’t overly impressed with the 36 hours in bed post the event recovering , guess as an amputee you just have to accept it hence why im late posting this up.

To be honest I was staggered by the interest the two shows had the best part of 1000 people watching me chat away. I got off the stage at 13.30 but didn’t leave the stage area till 15.00 as I was chatting and answering peoples questions. I find it a real privilege that people want my opinion so I’m happy to help if I can.

A number of people asked about my now World famous (their words not mine) continuous professional development program. I’m really proud of MMoS. We have developed some real powerful businesses there and in 12 years 21 Photographers of the year!

If you want to know a little more or see what the members think of MMoS you can listen to what they have to say at

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  1. Roy Bridgewood on March 28, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Once again you produce some wonderful imagery/ photography

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