"The Philosophy of posing"

"Don't just learn how to pose a subject , learn what makes the poses work"

            Tuesday 29th August 2017 - Maximum number of delegates 10


Some of the things you'll learn

  • How the body language and positioning of a subject can dramatically change the feeling of the image
  • The difference between posing classic and contemporary portraiture
  • The difference between male and female poses
  • How to position couples and groups practically and harmoniously
  • The secrets of observation and to transcend 'thumbs in' or 'thumbs out' and read the individual and the contextual image point
  • How to structure your sessions and build rapport with your subjects to make the posing process much easier
  • How to micromanage and direct subjects in order to achieve the desired look and feel
  • How to work with a subject that 'doesn't want to be posed'

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Come and learn how to pose people with us


Have you ever strugged with posing a subject in a way that conveys the message of your image ?

Have you ever struggled to position a group harmoniously during a family session ?

Yes? ... well this is the workshop for you

Let Grand Master Damian McGillicuddy teach you his philosophy behind posing, and show you how to create well rounded images by linking body language and shape in narrative.

Don't just learn how to pose, learn the theory behind successful subject manipulation