I think only Bob Hope..

Has ever done so much for charity.

How strange this time of year is, I always think I’ve got all my troops in a row and every “i” dotted and “t” crossed… but it all slowly starts to unravel due to “reasons beyond our control”!

Now if all can go south WITH meticulous planning just imagine how bad it all would be if we were totally reactive to events… it really doesn’t bare thinking about!!! One reason I believe correct training is a must, are we not supposed to be a profession, capable of handling any situation?

We are mega busy at the moment, shooting stuff for clients, writing books, preparing for the January convention, teaching and training people, I image you guessed that by lack of blog updates, however I had a little time yesterday to donate to a very worthy cause.

Team McGillicuddy spent a very hard, but immensely enjoyable, half day shooting unsung hero’s! I was busy shooting a collection of portraits for exhibition at January’s convention in London of a lifeboat crew. Now these guy’s risk their lives for free on a regular basis so the very least I could do was donate some time.

Now the images we made are for use at the convention to “pull” my photographic colleagues towards the lifeboat donation tins (they are the charity being supported by the 2012 convention) so please give generously, hero’s like this deserve our support! If it makes a difference to your donation I may even find time to write up a few “How was it done” articles ;0)

There just doesn’t seem enough hours or energy in my days at the moment with much more to do then the potential hours to do them in… I’m just getting old I think!!! The Beer with the BIG Dog event for next year is all sorted it just needs time for me to get a web page up to inform you lot about it. I think it will be the best event yet, never done before and totally radical… and for VERY limited numbers so once announced book your place FAST or you will miss out. It may be the best £39 plus Her Majesties you invest all year.

As I’ve mentioned we have been busy! I’ve been fitting test shoots around other jobs so we can expand our model stable for 2012. Today is an MMoS Monday and my group today will be challenged and taken out of their comfort zone because not only will they be presented with a new and unfamiliar face but today we discussed advancement and creativity!!!

So today’s image introduces Nat, what a fantastic model, one of our new team members. This image was shot the first time we met during our ninety minute test shoot… I love it, I’m hope you will also.

Right off to inspire today’s delegates… keep your eyes peeled for updates of whats going on… they’ll start to come thick and fast now.

Have a great day whatever your doing.




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