"Cool Kids"
"Make the Kids the star of the Photograph"

Tuesday 30th May 2017 - Maximum number of delegates 10
Damian McGillicuddy Studio, Phoenix House, Widnes

Start creating the street-smart images which both parents & their kids will absolutely love! ’
Learn to light, pose & control your imagery to create the edgy, fashion based portraiture which today's more discerning client demands.
Join Team McGillicuddy and learn to develop a new, lucrative and fun style of child portraiture.


Some of the things you'll learn
• How to "see" great locations
• How "less" is definitely more in this style of photography
• How to select the best lenses for dramatic effect
• How to determine just what is the "correct" exposure
• How to compose your imagery to maximise impact sales
• How to get the best out of the environment and weather so your photography doesn't rely on "beautiful" days
• How to light the subject effectively and easily to fantastic effect

Come and Join us

Come and have a great day learning to photograph children

Who is this workshop for ?

ANY photographer of ANY level from novice to pro who have an understanding of shutter speeds and apertures, along with core camera craft.
This workshop is aimed at those photographers who simply want to improve both the quality of, and the ease of capturing great child photography with a contemporary commercial twist which todays' more visually astute parents will adore.

Whether you portray children for pleasure or profit, this is a "Must Do" workshop for you.

Making portraits of children can be both rewarding and lucrative.  To maximise your effort in this field Team McGillicuddy believe a paradigm shift is in order!

Long gone are the images created on a blue dappled "old master” background with the subject sat on a white fluffy rug!   Today's contemporary parents are more visually astute. They are constantly bombarded with clever advertising images, all of which portray children in a more cool, edgy, urban, relaxed and contemporary manor - one only has to look at the likes of the images used by Gap for kids or Pumpkin Patch to sell today's parents their clothing lines to see that there has been a sea change in imagery of children.

Are you prepared to be left behind?  Let Damian "the BIG Dog" McGillicuddy, (TWICE awarded the UK Child Photographer of the Year title), help you not only to achieve your goals, but also improve your imagery and make you portraits more commercially desirable.