Wow, what a great day!

I was very proud to host the first Olympus UK “show and tell” day Sunday just gone, even more so now I’m reading the feedback from those in attendance.

With comments like this:

“Great fun, a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon “ from AC.

“Fabulous and informative, fantastic skills on display” from SW

“Extremely good value, even if you didn’t own the OM-D we certainly saw what it could do. The ways of lighting was shown and explained clearly and plenty of time was given with the camera – definitely go on this as you will learn so much in a short time” KG


“I really enjoyed the afternoon session. For the price it was very good value for money and seeing the joined up shoot process from start to finish I was able to pick up quite a few tips and tricks from just watching the Big Dog and his team at work, never mind the explanation. I already have an OM-D as did a couple of others who attended but still benefited from having the Olympus rep present for questions. The session wasn’t overcrowded with delegates and we all got a chance to have a go shooting 2 lovely models on the OM-D. Once again it was ‘Edutainment’ at its best” from DJ…

who wouldn’t be happy!!!

The day was not so much of a workshop but a “behind the scenes look” at how Team McGillcuddy use the OM-D commercially and much more importantly a “hands on” with the OM-D for the delegates in attendance and the opportunity to ask as many questions as they desired. It also gave the delegates a “taster” of the level and style of education Team McGillicuddy could present for them and I’m proud to say many of them have booked on to our training workshops… details of our currently available training sessions can be found by clicking “HERE”

Our models Zoe and Lois were great, Karen our MUA worked her usual magic and Dave did his “post” thing like the Pro he is. Of course the Camera crew… Lesley, Matt, Steve and myself were “ok”, possibly even adequate ;0)

A big thank you has to go to “Olympus Sam” our friendly rep who was on hand to answer any and all questions thrown at him, he was unrivaled in “polishing off” virtually a whole tin of quality street – but thanks for your time anyway!

I think it fair to say we all had a great time shooting. For our “triplet” image we utilised the panna / leica 25mm f1.4 on the OM-D with Quantum’s amazing Qflash it took 5 heads to turn our trick, the “key” light was the ever capable 48” McGillicuddy multi modifier set up as a basic octabox.


The images of Lois were all created with the Olympus 45mm f1.8 and illuminated with FL50r speedlights, the key being the 36” McGillicuddy Multi modifier configured as a “soft” beauty dish. The other two FL50r’s were “barefaced” and used as accent lights having “zoomed” the heads to constrict the beams.

I think the amazing thing about the speedlight images is you simply can’t tell that they were created with speedlights… strobism rules!!! Even more impressive is that these images, apart from stray hairs, presentation etc are jpegs straight out of the camera… the black and white was shot in monotone mode and this was shot with the pale and light art filter…a beautiful yet easy effect!



The feed back, positive response and demand have encouraged Olympus to organise a repeat of the “WOW – its just the way we work” day, its in the diary for Sunday September 30th, a morning and afternoon session once more, full details can be found by clicking “HERE”

Olympus have lots of similar events planned for the near future and full details of what’s available with the whole of the Olympus Pro team can be found by clicking “HERE”. Improving your photography, having fun and experiencing the OM-D are exactly what these FANTASTIC Olympus events are all about. In reality they could even cost you nothing! Yes that’s right, nothing – all those in attendance get a voucher for £50 discount off any Olympus product valid for 30 days from the date of the event… you really can’t say fairer than that ;0)

OK a final couple of images from the day…





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