Damian McGillicuddy

A working commercial and Portrait photographer for over 30 years, McGillicuddy shoots all genres from fashion to footballers, products to politicians and musicians to motorsport. Damian has amassed over 700 international awards, 12 Photographer of the year titles, 11 fellowships, 1 honerary fellowship and a double Grand Masters, and a Grand Master with Double Bar, Fellowship of Photographic Training

As well as having the prestigious title of 'Grand Master' and his role of Olympus UKs Principal Photographer and Educator and European Visionary.

McGillicuddy is also one of the industries premier photographic trainers, with his students achieving similarly prolific success.

Over the past 12 years McGillicuddys training has resulted in photographers achieving many national and international awards, 21 photographer of the year titles and seen a great number of photographers gaining photographic qualifications ranging from licentiate all of the way to fellowship.

Early in 2018 The Photographic Industry recognised the significance & magnificence of Damians achievements within the industry, his peers giving him a "Lifetime Achievement award" at the age of 47.




Simply the best place to learn, improve and enjoy your photography

Because we are a working commercial and social studio who better to learn from. We are not equipment precious and all about how you use the equipment you have.

We teach every genre, from babies with the Babywhisperer Academy, Children, Fashion and portraits with Damian McGillicuddy Photography Training and all points in-between.

We offer world class instruction in a number of forms, from intensive mentoring programme (Mentor Me on Steroids, the industries most successful continuous professional development program) and photography workshops and courses held at our new studio in Widnes and indeed all around the world.

Continuous Professional Development, just like any profession, photography requires continuous development and improvement.  Since joining up with Damian my work has come on in leaps and bounds.  But still plenty to learn.

I did the Baby whisperer workshops, and can highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into this field of photography. Ably assisted by Jos and Karen, Damian took us through the business side of things, then the props and the setting up and staging of lots of different poses were demonstrated. The whole course was very relaxed and easy going and full of great advice. The studio is fab, and we were well looked after with refreshments, lunch and cake as needed. Just brilliant!


Just attended Lighting 101 today. A fabulous course which was full of really good information both theoretical and practical but mixed in with a lot of humour too. Damian is a truly excellent teacher and gets the information across in a clear and concise way, and I would highly recommend this course to both novice and experienced photographers.


Thanks, I had a great time on the Speedlight 101 workshop yesterday.
Don't be intimidated by the 'Big Dog' tag. Damian is very approachable & explains the mythes from fact in a very none technical way & demonstrates how easy it can be to take control of these beauties in manual. With only being a small group there's plenty of time to practice & ask questions even off topic, which he was willing to take the time to answer.
It's so good I'll be back! There is a great freebee which he doesn't tell you about... as you walk out you will feel inspired.


I can't actually believe Damian visited my local camera club in Benfleet this evening. An absolute steal for the price paid and lots of useful nuggets to take away in such a short space of time. A real master and a pleasure to watch wherever he might be taking his next master piece.
Highly recommend spending the day on one of his courses. You will learn so much. Thank you for a great evening Damian. Appreciate it


Having been on previous courses with Damian I was of course expecting another excellent training day and I was not disappointed. Pound for pound (and I’m not talking about Damian’s weight here) there is simply no better value for photography training out there both in terms of course content and quality. It was a brilliant day. If it had been in Scotland, it would of course have been Pure Dead Brilliant.


I now have more confidence when using off and on camera flash and will use it far more frequently. But the main thing I have taken away from the day is how to look at what you want to photograph, analyse it and then spend time getting the set up correct before pressing the shutter button.


Do it, do it, do it. There’s nothing else like it in terms of live training and you won’t find it in books, magazines, DVDs or on the internet. It will mess with your head a bit, but it will make you think and inspire you to try new things. Your photography and hopefully your artistic sensibilities will benefit and it’s more than worth the cost, travel and time.