Hard work yields rewards when it comes to photographic qualifications

“There is no reward without hard work”

A simple, yet very true statement. A statement that is at the forefront of my mind most days, but particularly at this time of year.

Having submitted and passed 9 photographic panels for qualification with several societies over my career, I am no stranger to the amount of hard work and dedication that gets poured in to striving to gain a professional qualification. If you have ever created a body of work for this purpose you will know exactly what level of commitment is required; and if you haven’t, you will just have to take my word for it!

Knowing the demands only too well, it makes me extremely proud to be able to say that another year of qualification judging has passed at the SWPP Convention and all four of the photographers on my mentoring programme  that strived to gain a qualification did so. (All of whom are fellow Olympus OM-D users!)

I would like to congratulate Neil Shearer ASWPP, Jocelyn Conway FSWPP, Angela Adams FSWPP and last but certainly not least, Terry Donnelly FSWPP for achieving their professional photographic qualifications and realising their goals. I know just how much work each of you have put in to producing your panels and I am PROUD of you all.

If you are attending the SWPP Convention this weekend and you are interested in seeing the body of work that each of these fantastic photographers have produced, be sure to check out the panels when they are put on display – you’ll also be able to see just how well our very own Lesley can print if you look at Jocelyn’s work ;0)

Very well done guys,  4-0 – SUPER PROUD!


This image shows Neil Shearer, Jocelyn Conway, Angela Adams and Terry Donnelly standing with Damian and Lesley McGillicuddy after gaining the professional photographic qualifications they entered a panel of work to achieve

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