What an INCREDIBLE night at the SWPP Awards Dinner, capping off an amazing week of achievements at The Societies’ Convention!

It was truly humbling and an absolute honour to be presented with my Grand Master Second Bar Award last night. I’m utterly over the moon to receive this recognition from The Societies and PROUD to be the first and only Double Grand Master Bar in the world.



As proud as I am of this achievement, however, I would be remiss to take all the credit myself. Because there is one person without whom it simply would not have been possible: my wife, my best friend, my business partner and my rock, Lesley. We did it, babe – thank you, and I love you.

I also have to thank Phil and Juliet Jones of the SWPP for the endless effort and tireless work they put in to protecting, preserving and improving the standard and integrity of the photographic industry. Without you guys giving so much back, photography would be a much poorer place – thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for our industry.

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to David Ivins for all his support, friendship and most importantly his faith in me. Dave does so many things to make it possible for me to do my bit to educate, enthuse and entertain everyone who shares my passion for photography.



Among those I’ve educated, enthused, entertained or maybe just plain screamed and shouted at in an effort to improve their imagery are four particular members of the McGillicuddy photographic family. I’m absolutely over the moon that we went FOUR FOR FOUR with the panels submitted to the SWPP this week, as Neil Shearer earned his Associateship, with Angela Adams, Jocelyn Conway and Terry Donnelly all being awarded Fellowships – the highest award by submission in the industry.

On top of that, Jocelyn – my fellow principal at The Baby Whisperer Academy – joined me on stage at the SWPP Awards to claim a Photographer of the Year Trophy in the fiercely contested Bump to Baby category, while Terry scored a Highest Gold Award for racking up the most Golds won throughout the entire year, along with First Place in the Portrait – Avant Garde category.




And here’s the kicker: three Fellowships, an Associateship, a Photographer of the Year AND the first ever Grand Master Second Bar – they were all earned by Olympus OM-D users. You know, those cameras that people say “aren’t pro cameras”? Well, images shot on those cameras just won a cabinet full of awards from the most prestigious body in the photographic industry. Just saying ;0)

Congratulations, team!


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