There’s STILL life in the old dog yet

As I get older I sometimes wonder are my spectacles always a little rose tinted? Was I really, stronger, faster. Slimmer… was I better at my craft, more seasoned and trained blah, blah blah.

You see, ten years ago I retired from the competitive photographic competitions as I new I was to become a Chairman of Judges for Europes biggest photographic society, I thought it was only fair to step back as I personally feel you cant judge it and enter it, that may not be seen as being right from the perspective of other photographers so to avoid trouble for the Societies I hung up my competitive camera… it was also my tenth Photographer of the year title win so it seemed a good time to bow out, I didn’t think I could go on forever!

Well over the last few years, actually I suppose since becoming Olympus Principal photographer, I’ve had less time to judge apart from at Europes largest convention once a year so my thought’s turned to… Can I, and have a still got it?  Silly I know.

So just for fun I thought I’d enter the competition again.  I decided I’d enter an image I shot for hahnel Industries as an advert to show the capabilities of their Modus 600 Speedlight.  So a real live clients commercial commission on the way to the competition.

Well today I’m very proud to announce, ten years on, I still seem to have “it”!  As I pick up a “Gold award” with Europes largest body of photographers, not bad as it was all just a little bit of fun really.

I’m very proud of myself and today I’ll walk just that little bit taller.

Here’s the image – shot with 8 speedlights.






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